A Letter From Jon Rousseau – 2022Q1

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 April 12, 2022

To: Our Team Members, Clients, Patients, Families, and Partners,

As we’ve just ended the first quarter of 2022, and now after two years of working through the COVID-19 environment, I wanted to take a moment to share a few reflections and company updates. As a company, we, like so many others, have navigated a historic and challenging time, while also continuing to progress in many areas and ensuring the continuity of high-quality care to those we serve.

BrightSpring (and our service lines and brands) has a unique platform focused on delivering integrated home- and community-based health services to high-need and medically complex populations. Serving approximately 350,000 such individuals a day is both challenging and rewarding. We take this responsibility seriously, as our company strives to make each customer, client and patient interaction a good one. All of our service lines positively impact people’s lives, and continued progress over the past several years has been a result of executing through our focus on people, quality and outcomes.

While I can’t do it full justice here, I’d like to highlight a few data points from each of these focus areas that speak to our organization’s commitment to our employees and those who rely on our services:


It’s no secret that large employers across industries have struggled with staffing during COVID-19. I am humbled by the selflessness and heroism that so many of our frontline workers demonstrated throughout the pandemic to keep clients and patients safe, often serving as a lifeline to them in their homes and communities. With over 50 frontline staff honored with state or national awards in just the last four years, BrightSpring will continue the trend of making substantial investments in our people and culture, for example:


As our first responsibility, quality is always at the forefront of what we do. Here are some key facts related to our quality investments:


Everything we do is measured. Here’s how we are doing across the board:

While there are many more compelling outcome measures in addition to these ten, I’ll note one more metric: our COVID-19 results.

BrightSpring’s clients and patients represent populations among those most at risk if infected with COVID-19. When you couple that with the myriad challenges every provider has faced throughout the pandemic, what we achieved is extremely noteworthy. Our COVID-19 case rates for our clients, patients, and employees have remained well below the national case rate throughout the pandemic and today are one quarter of the national case rate.

BrightSpring performed at our best under very difficult and ever-changing circumstances while many other providers struggled or closed. It speaks volumes about who we are, what we do, and our ability to be there for our clients and patients when they need us the most.

We continuously work to enhance processes and protocols while significantly increasing people and systems resources. When seniors and specialty populations have complex needs and challenges and require better care options, we are proud to answer the call.





Jon Rousseau
President and CEO
BrightSpring Health Services