May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Our Blog / May 9, 2019

Since 1949, Mental Health America (MHA) has led the observance of “May is Mental Health Month” by reaching millions of people through the media local events and mental health screenings.

This year, MHA is expanding last year’s theme of #4Mind4Body, and diving deeper into a multitude of topics. Some of those topics include animal companionship, spirituality, humor and work-life balance.

Finding a reason to laugh, going for a walk, meditating, playing with a pet or working from home once a week can go a long way in making someone both physically and mentally healthy.

Did you know?
Approximately 43.8 million adults in the United States face the day-to-day reality of managing the symptoms of a mental illness.

Why Care?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI) “WhyCare?” Campaign is a chance to share the importance of mental health treatment, support and services to the millions of people, families, caregivers and loved ones affected by mental illness.

Care has the power to make a life-changing impact on those affected by mental health conditions. Through our own words and actions, we can shift the social and systemic barriers that prevent people from building better lives.

Are You Stuggling?
If you are taking steps to care for your mind, body and soul but feel like you are still struggling with your mental health and well-being, visit to check your symptoms. The screening is free, confidential and anonymous. Once you have results, MHA will provide you with additional information, tools and resources to help you feel better.

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