National Nurses Week 2019

Our Blog / May 10, 2019

As we close on National Nurses Week, we’d like to extend another special thanks to our hardworking nurses – throughout all BrightSpring’s family of brands! Additionally, we’d like to recognize all our employees who work directly with individuals, helping them live their best lives.

The BrightSpring community of brands and services employ a multitude of selfless and passionate individuals, including: direct support professionals (DSPs), caregivers, foster families, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists, aids, etc.

“All of our people participate in a very real way – all working together to help others remain in their homes, or in a home-like environment, participating in community activities, if they can,” Chief Clinical Officer Susan Sender said. “It’s about being safe at ‘home,’ however one chooses to define that. The skill and compassion that each of us have make an incredible difference in the world and in the lives of those we serve.”

Our people continuously provide the highest level of quality care to our clients – no matter the job title. As we continue to care for those who need us, we encourage you to take a moment and appreciate anyone you know who works in the health care industry.

“As BrightSpring Health continues to grow – helping more people who need us – I look forward to bringing our message and highlighting our special care and our caregivers into more communities,” Sender continues. “Together we will help define and continuously raise the bar in terms of excellence in care and service delivery.”

We truly appreciate all nurses and caregivers at BrightSpring. You are deserving of a special recognition for your vast contributions and the positive impact you make every day to help people live their best life. Thank you!

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