Charlin Viera – Florida Direct Support Professional of the Year

Charlin Quinones Viera is a natural leader and problem solver. When the facility in Ocala, Florida, where she worked was destroyed by an electrical fire and water, she made sure that all the residents were evacuated safely. While the repairs were being made to the home, it was suggested that the clients relocate to a hotel. Charlin advocated for them to relocated to another home. She felt that living in unfamiliar surroundings could cause anxiety and lead to behavior issues. During the repairs, Charlin held slumber parties that included movie nights, arts and crafts, and other fun activities. When they were able to move back into their rooms, she helped them purchase new items for their home to decorate their rooms.

Charlin focuses on providing person-centered support every day. She values people and consistently puts the clients at the center of care, ensuring that they are physically comfortable and safe by considering their preferences and unique needs. Also, she shows emotional support and makes sure those in our care have access to the appropriate care that they need when and where they need it.