Danielle Hay – Canada Direct Support Professional of the Year

Danielle Hay is well-known for her nurturing and leadership skills as a direct support professional (DSP) in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Danielle recognizes the correlation between meaningful relationships and a fulfilling life, when it comes to the individuals she supports. She assists clients in interacting with other clients or individuals in the community, while promoting the importance of friendships.

While working with an individual, Danielle noticed the lack of interests and commonalities between him and his housemates. In cultivating a rapport with him, she engaged the individual in a conversation about music and discovered his admiration toward an artist.

Over the next several weeks, Danielle worked with the individual a way to watch YouTube, so he could listen to the artist’s music in his free time. She also arranged an outing to a local music store, so the individual could purchase a couple of the artist’s CDs. Thanks to Danielle, the individual was grinning ear-to-ear upon his return and listens to his CDs frequently!