Dr. William Mills

Dr. Bill Mills is the Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs for BrightSpring Health Services. He completed his baccalaureate degree at University of Rochester, New York, received his M.D. from Case Western Reserve University, then completed his internal medicine residency and a physician-scientist fellowship at Case Western Reserve University / MetroHealth under Dr. David S. Rosenbaum in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Mills has served of CEO of four healthcare businesses from founding to acquisition and has had a senior officer role at Kindred Healthcare, which was the largest publicly-traded, diversified healthcare company in the U.S. during his tenure. He’s been on the active medical staff for Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland and is an experienced medical group and post-acute care medical director. At BrightSpring, Mills has headed the organization’s Outbreak Committee throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, whose efforts led the 50,000 employee organization to sustain an infection rate less than one-third of the U.S. general population rate throughout the pandemic, while ensuring business continuity. BrightSpring’s COVID response received recognition from a number of organizations for these efforts, including the World Health Organization, the London School for Economics and Modern Healthcare, among others. Mills has also led the BrightSpring’s community-based outcome measure development and reporting, and together, this work has led to 27 peer-reviewed publications and presentations at BrightSpring, resulting in 83 citations in the medical literature since 2020. A past Director of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, Mills has personally made over 20,000 medical house calls in his career, and he feels fortunate that he and his group have provided expert, compassionate care for thousands of patients of the Greatest Generation, among others.