Jennifer Houle – International Direct Professional of the Year

Jennifer Houle is a direct support professional at a residential program in Ontario, Canada, for adults with acquired brain injuries. She is compassionate and empathetic towards her clients and their families regarding their changed circumstances.

Jenn promotes person-centered plans by building rapport quickly and getting to know the individuals’ likes, dislikes, and any special interests they enjoy. She is creative, and her fun approach of incorporating leisure and functional activities to complete rehabilitation exercises has proven to be very effective. One individual Jen worked with enjoyed making jams and salsas. To improve her motor and cognitive skills, Jen helped look for recipes, worked with her to build a shopping list, and planned and executed the outing to the grocery store.

Coworkers describe Jenn as having a great attitude and always appears to be enjoying herself, which sets a good tone for both clients and coworkers. Even on difficult days with tough moments, Jenn is upbeat and brings a positive attitude to the program.