Demekia Hawkins-Knox – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Demekia is a dependable and intuitive caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in Baxley, Georgia. She won the LEGACY of Care Award in the “A – Attitude” category.

As a caregiver, Demekia knows how important it is to have a positive Attitude and “see the possibilities” when caring for the individuals she supports. For Demekia, one aspect of seeing the possibilities is trusting her instincts. She understands that if something doesn’t look/feel right, there’s most likely something wrong.

For instance, Demekia was caring for individual who lived in the same apartment complex as another person she supports, and Demekia noticed the individual’s door was open at an unusual time. Demekia trusted her instinct that something wasn’t right and went to check on the person. Upon entering the apartment, Demekia found the individual unresponsive. She immediately called 911, the client’s family and her supervisor. While the ambulance was on its way, Demekia helped her supervisor find someone to care for the client she was originally there to support.

Demekia then stayed by the individual’s side the entire time – the transit to the hospital, in the ICU and rehab. They later found out the person had gone into a diabetic coma. Demekia’s willingness to trust her instincts literally saved the individual’s life!

Thank you for seeing the possibilities in every situation, Demekia! Your actions are helping people live their best life every day.