Estefania Bucio-Sanchez – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Estefania is a trusting and devoted caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in Bloomington, Illinois. Not only did Estefania win her LEGACY of Care Award in the “L – Leadership” category, she was also recognized as one of the two “overall winners” of the awards program. Overall winners received a monetary award for helping people live their best life and exemplifying BrightSpring’s LEGACY Standards day-in and day-out.

Estefania possesses one-of-a-kind qualities as a “servant leader,” which helped her win the L – Leadership category. Additionally, Estefania embodies every category of BrightSpring’s LEGACY (Leadership, Environment, Get Going!, Attitude, Communication and You!) Standards – which is why she was deemed an overall LEGACY of Care award-winner!

Estefania’s leadership skills stand out most when she is among her co-workers. She takes the time necessary to mentor and train new staff, explaining in detail just how important their job is. She also explains the specifics to each client’s care plan. She wants to ensure everyone is cared for on the proper physical and emotional level.  Estefania’s patience and calm demeanor makes the new team members feel as though they are already apart of the caregiving family.

Estefania also makes sure to share updates, important information and milestones with her managers, co-workers or a client’s family. Everyone loves Estefania for this and they know they can approach her with any question they might have. Not to mention, Estefania does all the above (and much more) while being the most selfless person! She is quick to take the opportunity and compliment a co-worker who’s working hard – even when she’s just as deserving.

Thank you for you being a servant leader, all-around great co-worker and helping people live their best life, Estefania!