Julie Hedley – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Julie is a thoughtful and proactive caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in De Soto, Missouri, and she won the LEGACY of Care Award in the “C – Communication” category.

Having an open line of communication is important in the workplace because it keeps everyone in the know. This is something Julie has mastered over the past 15 years as a caregiver. She makes sure the on-duty nurse or office staff are aware of any change or concern pertaining to an individual’s health. Julie also understands the importance of communicating options and offering support to the individuals she serves.

For example, when an individual was diagnosed with diabetes, Julie immediately began researching ways she could help. While researching, she found cookbook for diabetics and helped the individual fix several meals. Julie also did her best to answer any questions the person had and if she didn’t have the answer, she would contact the individual’s doctor.

Another great example of Julie’s proactiveness was when a client, who’s vision had been failing, was diagnosed as “legally blind.” Of course, Julie began doing her research on ways she could help. That was when she discovered a blind pension the individual qualified for. Julie assisted the client throughout the entire application process. Once granted the pension, the individual was eternally grateful for Julie and her willingness to help with everything.

Thank you, Julie! Your thoughtful actions keep everyone in the know, while helping people live their best life.