Katharina Donald – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Katharina is a determined and encouraging caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in Bloomington, Illinois. Katharina won her LEGACY of Care Award in the “Y – You!” category by “being an example” for her co-workers and the individuals she serves.

Katharina’s role as a caregiver isn’t her first. In fact, caregiving and working in the health care industry is Katharina’s second career path. Katharina worked for a large insurance company for 20 years, and once she retired, she took care of her mother. Caring for her mother brought Katharina so much joy she decided to go back to work and become a full-time caregiver!

Although she was nervous to return to work, she knew this is what she was supposed to do. A year later, Katharina has become one of the most requested caregivers at her location! She goes above and beyond to make sure the individuals she serves are having a great day, and she views the smiles on their faces as accomplishments.

Katharina jumps at every learning opportunity available, to ensure every individual is getting the best possible care. In fact, her thirst for knowledge and desire to better herself lead her to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license in October 2018. Katharina completed the necessary classes and clinicals by coordinated her class schedule around her work schedule. She even made sure to tell her clients if there was going to be a schedule change, so they wouldn’t be alarmed.

Thank you, Katharina, for “being an example” and helping people live their best life – every day!