Peggy Spencer – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Peggy is a well-rounded, trustworthy direct support professional (DSP) with ResCare Community Living in Winchester, Kentucky. Peggy won the LEGACY of Care Award in the “Y – You!” category.

Winners of the Y – You! category “set a positive example” for their co-workers day-in and day-out. Peggy, who comes to work every day with a smile, is a positive example for her co-workers AND the individuals she serves. She’s described as someone who’s a team member, leader, mentor and an example for all to follow.

For instance, Peggy helped an individual with Stage Three Renal Failure return to work. Before working with Peggy, the individual was nearing Stage Four Renal Failure for multiple reasons. After speaking with the individual’s doctor, Peggy learned that there were ways to prevent the progression of the illness. However, the individual rarely steered from his/her usual eating/drinking habits and viewed change as a bad thing. But Peggy was able to initiate several preventative measures through her “out of the box” thinking.

One example of Peggy’s “out of the box thinking,” was her way of making drinking protein shakes and other liquids a fun activity. She would help the individual shop for new drinks to try, so the individual would feel like he/she is a part of the decision-making process. Peggy would also help the person make protein shakes at home. Eventually, Peggy’s assistance and thoughtfulness allowed the individual to return to work!

Awesome job, Peggy! Thank you for being an example for everyone around you. The work you do is helping people live their best life – every day.