Phillip Kibbat – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Phillip is a caring and compassionate direct support professional (DSP) with ResCare Community Living in Clearwater, Florida. Phillip won his LEGACY of Care Award in the “A – Attitude” category.

Phillip won in A – Attitude category because he’s able to “see the possibilities” when it comes to his role as a DSP. For the past 10 years, Phillip has cared for numerous individuals and regardless of the situation, he is always their number one supporter, an advocate for their aspirations in life and never takes “no” for an answer.

One great example of this was when Phillip got the opportunity to work with an individual who was blind. The individual’s only wish in life was learning how to read braille. So, Phillip immediately made that his mission and reached out to a company that specialized in teaching braille. However, the company told Phillip the individual was “too old” to learn how to read braille and that any effort would be “a complete waste of time.” Enraged by their response, Phillip spearheaded a collation to find ways for the individual to fulfill his wish!

Working alongside a couple co-workers, Phillip began researching braille materials that would aid the learning process. After finding multiple videos, books and additional sources, Phillip taught himself how to read and understand braille. Once he mastered the art, he began teaching the individual everything he knew.

This was an exhausting process for both Phillip and the individual. In fact, there were several times the individual wanted to give up, but Phillip was able to convince him otherwise every time. After two years of teaching, practicing and lots of patience, the individual can read/understand each letter of the alphabet and spell/read small words.

Thank you for seeing the possibilities, never taking “no” for answer and helping people live their best life, Phillip!