BrightSpring Announces New Nursing Career Ladder Program

BrightSpring Health Services / May 8, 2023

BrightSpring Health Services announces a new Nursing Career Ladder program designed to help nurses with career growth and prepare for leadership roles within the company. The Nursing Career Ladder program is a 3-tier program – bronze, silver, and gold – designed for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in the home health, hospice, and community living businesses to prepare them for clinical leadership roles.

“Our nurses are vital employees who provide daily care to the thousands of patients and clients we serve every day,” said Pam Harris, BrightSpring’s VP of clinical education & engagement. “It’s an exciting time to be a nurse at BrightSpring. Whether someone wants to remain working bedside or wants to develop their clinical leadership skills through our Nursing Career Ladder Program, we can meet their needs. Our leadership truly supports career goals and education for employees.”

Eligibility Requirements

For more information about nursing career opportunities, visit\careers.

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