BrightSpring CEO Shares 2022 Outlook in Home Health Care News Article

BrightSpring Health Services / December 13, 2021

BrightSpring President and CEO Jon Rousseau shared his predictions on trends, challenges and opportunities for 2022 in the Home Health Care News article “2022 Executive Forecast: Time to Throw Out the Old Home Health Playbook.”

“Care and operational enhancements made possible by technology deployment should continue to gain steam and be more widely used. With people and quality at the core, using the best systems and approaches to digitize information, analyze data for actions and enable efficient operations, helps to drive patient-specific outcomes and optimal use of available resources. A more proactive and customized approach to patient needs can present opportunities to differentiate home-based services and maximize impact.

“Of course, attracting and retaining capable and conscientious caregivers and employees is a must – more so than ever. Notwithstanding the additional demands placed upon this workforce through COVID, nursing, therapy, physician, NP, PA, social workers, care managers, pharmacists and technicians, aides and other caregiver positions remain paramount. They also offer rewarding and valuable careers. While compensation for these careers has continued to increase substantially, we are focused on attracting and growing professionals in this industry through more flexibility, recognition, career paths and internal development programs — all to support job and company satisfaction while adding new professionals to these fields.”

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