BrightSpring Health Services Receives Inaugural Optimize Health Workforce Leadership Award

BrightSpring Health Services / November 8, 2022

BrightSpring Health Services, a leading provider of comprehensive home and community-based health services, recently received the inaugural Aging2.0 and CEOC OPTIMIZE Healthcare Workforce Leadership Award. The award recognizes health care companies that are leading the way to advance quality care, patient outcomes and workforce retention.

The two-day OPTIMIZE Conference featured insightful panels with industry-leading experts and thought leaders. Members of BrightSpring’s leadership team were invited to discuss some of today’s most pressing health care topics, including innovation, employee retention, and value-based care.

Jon Rousseau, BrightSpring president and CEO, and Lisa Nalley, senior vice president of human resources, shared evidence-based solutions to the health care industry’s ongoing workforce challenges, including removing barriers to education and investing in modern systems for training, hiring, and retention.

BrightSpring’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Arif Nazir also spoke on a panel about the role of innovation in addressing workforce challenges. While innovation is important to moving health care forward, he said, quality, compassionate care remains at the forefront of better patient outcomes and experiences.

Lastly, BrightSpring’s Chief Clinical Officer Susan Sender discussed ways to deliver interoperability across the patient experience and workforce. She shared how digitizing data systems is key to transforming the health care industry and providing value-based, quality care.

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