Catherine’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / October 6, 2022

These are excerpts from a letter written on May 25, 2022, by Maxine Clark, sister and guardian of ResCare Community Living client Catherine Baker.

It is very difficult for anyone with a special needs child to face the necessity for eventual placement outside the family home. This is even harder when that family member must rely on others for all their care. My sister, Catherine Baker, has been completely disabled since birth. I cannot overstate how thankful we were to find [ResCare] as we searched for a caring, safe place for her adult life. She has been a member of [ResCare]’s family now for many years.

[ResCare]’s leaders… have built a caring and professional team, something that can only be done through hard work and attention to detail. On my visits, I see and so appreciate how Cathy’s caretakers treat her as family and know her so well.

Cathy’s disabilities prevent her from doing anything on her own. She relies on others to meet all her physical and emotional needs. I know the personal around-the-clock professional attention that she is given allows Cathy to enjoy the best quality of life possible for her.

[ResCare]’s leadership must be why everyone responsible for Cathy’s care is so well trained and seem to know the special extra things that help brighten her day. For example, I’ve noticed that caretakers always speak to her as they pass by, calling her by name and often giving her a gentle touch. That means so much when you are wheelchair bound. They all know that my sister expects me to comb her hair on every visit, so Cathy’s comb is kept right next to where I sign in. They have even brought it to me in Cathy’s room when I forgot to pick it up.

Cathy’s health has become more fragile as she ages, and recent medical issues make attention to detail even more critical. Those responsible for her care understand this much better than I do. They know what to watch for and when and how to respond to any change.

It’s difficult to adequately express how grateful Cathy’s family is… My sister is in good hands, and I know that if a medical issue occurs she will receive excellent care and kindness.  

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