Community Living Client Finds Independence as an Entrepreneur

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / February 28, 2022

Community Living client Jake is 41 years old and has cerebral palsy. He came to our services in Sheridan, Indiana, in August 2020 after having experienced some difficult times, including the loss of his mother and a brief stint in a nursing home. Understandably, Jake felt defeated and as if everyone had control over his life but him, but he agreed to give our Community Living waiver services a chance.

Over the last year and a half, the Community Living team has watched Jake grow as a person. He continuously puts smiles on people’s faces and has found a level of independence that he so badly needed and wanted. He now has a supportive guardian, a caring team, and staff that he knows he can rely on for support. His Community Living family is always encouraging him to take part in his own decision-making, be present in the here and now, and follow his goals.

Recently, Jake has begun knitting hats and found that it’s a passion of his. He decided to start a hat-making business and has shown that he is quite the entrepreneur by utilizing social media to gain sales. He has a clear plan for his earnings, while also figuring in product cost. He is thriving, marching forward, and laying a clear path to success!

When Executive Director Katy Shaffer spoke with Jake and asked him if he was enjoying his life and his time spent with us so far, he got out his cell phone, typed “YES!”, and smiled.

To purchase one of Jake’s hats, please visit his Facebook Marketplace store.

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