Former Participant is Truly Grateful for Support from ResCare Community Living

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / July 9, 2019

Mark Rhode was once an individual receiving support from the ResCare Community Living team in St. Paul, Minnesota. Today, Mark is living his best life and grateful for the caring staff members who helped him overcome some of life’s obstacles.

A few years ago, Mark had a couple hospital visits and admissions, which eventually lead to a diagnosis. So, he joined the Community Living team as a resident for guidance, support and therapy.

The team members used dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in their daily groups to help Mark. DBT skills help individuals regulate emotions, tolerate distress or negative emotions, be mindful and effectively communicate with others.

At the time, he didn’t understand how beneficial the therapy secessions would be later in life. Which is why he’s now very appreciative of the support the St. Paul team gave him.

“When I share my strength and tools with others, I am reminded that they are in fact DBT skills,” Mark said.

Mark completed the program in 2014. Since then, he has received two associate degrees and was accepted into the College of Liberal Arts program at the University of Minnesota.

Mark now works for us as a Certified Peer Support and Recovery Specialist at ResCare Community Options in Fridley, Minnesota.

About ResCare Community Living
Founded and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ResCare Community Living has been dedicated to positively impacting individuals and communities for more than 40 years, achieving quality outcomes at home or in a homelike environment since 1974. Support is provided to adults and children who need assistance with daily living due to a developmental, cognitive or intellectual disability through comprehensive IDD and community services.

ResCare Community Living also partners with people in the community who open their homes to individuals with disabilities and assists families by providing adoption and foster care services. With the goal to be a provider-of-choice in the development of unique and proprietary service offerings and technologies – the company is working toward innovative care models and leading health outcomes with states and payers.

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