Home Health Care News Outlines ResCare’s Focus on Moving the Company into a New Era of Health Care

Media Hub / June 19, 2018

Home Health Care News interviewed ResCare’s Chief Human Resources Officer Sonny Terrill and President of HomeCare and NeuroSolutions Rexanne Domico about the company’s new tech-forward focus in the new era of health care.

“We’ve got forty years of success. ResCare’s been doing it great. But I do see that there’s a turn, so it’s exciting. And when you start seeing that little bit of shift in direction, you get up every day with a lot more excitement, a lot more energy,” according to Terrill. “Create technology opportunities, hire the right people to come in and lead, and I really think that this can be a great story….we’re kind of changing how people view this industry, and we’re changing the way we operate, and we’re starting to see, just in a short period of time, a change in the direction on turnover, on the brand that we have as a company…”

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