Jacob’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / January 11, 2023

Jacob Broshears came to the ResCare Greencastle CRMNF as a client in 2016. He was placed at the facility due to his significant behavioral issues. Jacob was prone to significant property destruction in the residential hall, including numerous acts of destroying the laundry room and flooding the entire area. It quickly became apparent that Jacob would require 1:1 staffing for the safety of himself and others.

In 2018, Jacob began to manage his emotions in a safer manner. He began talking to his staff and allowing them to help him when he had difficulties instead of just “falling apart” and acting out with destruction or aggression. Due to these improvements, his 1:1 staffing was slowly able to be discontinued. In 2019, Jacob no longer required 1:1 staffing for safety, and he was even able to start part-time work at Putnam County Comprehensive Services in their workshop.

Throughout 2020, Jacob continued to make improvements in his abilities to cope with frustration. He still had some issues to work on, but we were not seeing the major issues that once took up so much of Jacob’s life in previous years. From 2020 until the present time, Jacob has proven to be a different person with different goals and interests. Due to continued safe and stable behaviors, he was able to start “walkie talkie time,” which is an opportunity for him to independently walk around campus with only a two-way radio.

Jacob is currently in the process of transitioning to waiver services. He is excited about the new experiences and adventures that come along with more independence and his staff who have been with him throughout his lengthy and challenging journey at the ICF will certainly miss him.

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