John’s New Life

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / October 28, 2019

John was referred to the Greencastle Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) and Comprehensive Rehabilitative Management Needs Facility (CRMNF) due to extremely aggressive behaviors. Once John came to Greencastle, he remained violent toward peers and staff for several months. Oftentimes, his behaviors required police intervention.   
However, while a resident of the CRMNF, his team worked diligently with him to help him create a plan using his strengths, talents and skills. During this time, John learned to adapt to the community and reduce his own aggressive tendencies.  He is a true success story and an example of how our team came together to help John start living his best life.  
“Every time I see him, it simply brings me joy,” said Regional Director Nancy Anker-Wright.
John moved into a community waiver home in January 2019 and has had continued success. He continues to partner with his team to take advantage of opportunities and services to enrich his life. John has been involved in sheltered workshop services throughout his care. He was chosen to participate in community integration and has been successful at working in the community at a local grocery store and a housekeeping business.
John has also been involved in Special Olympics, including bowling and basketball, and his 3:3 basketball team made it to the state championship. John enjoys socializing with peers, playing video games and attending music concerts.
“We are so proud of all the progress that John has made with our support. John now maintains a close relationship with his family and these ties have added to his success,” said Amy Owen, Executive Director of Greencastle CRMNF and Waiver.

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