Sandra and Mikey’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / March 6, 2023

This story was written for Community Advantage Colorado Living Our LEGACY by Sandra Gurule, mother and guardian of ResCare Community client Mike Gurule.

I have been with ResCare since the fall of 2018. I am glad I picked ResCare as our provider of home health services. It was a bit rocky at first, but everyone has always worked as a team and we have been able to successfully navigate all of the changes that have taken place.

Mikey and I got through the years of COVID-19 pretty flawlessly. We had home audits over Zoom, and learned how to do therapy virtually. All tests were taken virtually, including the YSIS, and we have come a long way!

I have an excellent relationship with all of the Residential Managers. They do their jobs very thoroughly and don’t let me slack. They send reminders if something is missing or if I get behind.

The photo here is Mikey and I at Disneyland this past Christmas. Going to Disneyland had been on Mikey’s bucket list for a very long time, and last year we finally had the opportunity to go. He had a blast, and got autographs from many Disneyland characters. Mike enjoys sports and has run the Boulder/Bolder many times. He has many gold medals for swimming and basketball with the Special Olympics. In the summertime, he also participates in softball with one of the Longmont teams!

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