Susia Bennett – Indiana Direct Support Professional of the Year

Media Hub / March 29, 2022

Susia Bennett exudes positivity and embodies the philosophy that anything is possible.She has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities for over 20 years.

When you meet Susia, you immediately see that she has a calm determination. She provides a stable and structured environment for the women she cares for, has the pulse of those around her, and knows the right things to say. Two of the people she currently works with spent years working on their coping skills, trying to motivate themselves to find happiness. Since working with Susia, they have found happiness and contentment with their lives.

Susia works hard to get to know the individuals she cares for and understands the importance of relationships. She ensures that the women she works with are happy, healthy, and safe. Because of her efforts and involvement, the behavioral challenges these people experienced have significantly decreased, and they are more productive and happy. It’s also essential to Susia that the people she supports feel empowered, “I want to see them grow. I tell them it is your life, and you make the choices all the time. I constantly remind them that they will be living on their own one day, and that’s why they are learning to do everything for themselves.”

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