BrightSpring’s VP of Innovation featured in Technology Expert Panel

BrightSpring Health Services / March 11, 2019

Louisville Business First recently featured BrightSpring Vice President of the Innovation Center of Excellence Wes Cronkite, who took part in a thought leadership round table interview to discuss the ever-changing landscape of technology and innovation.

The 2019 Technology Table of Experts panel discussed new challenges and opportunities within digital transformation, artificial intelligence, technology disruptors, Millennials, cybersecurity, hiring, etc. Wes was especially showcased towards the end of the interview when the topic of innovation and disruption was introduced.

“At BrightSpring, we’re two years into a digital transformation, and so a lot of systems are coming alive,” said Cronkite when asked about the ongoing trends and challenges he’s facing. “We’re really trying to get folks to use what we signed up for in certain instances, or what they had asked for, to its full breadth and capabilities, and abandon some of the old solutions that have been in the enterprise for some time.”

Cronkite is tasked with leading innovative processes and pioneering new ideas across the enterprise. He does this through business case development and strategic plan alignment to fulfill organizational needs and create a competitive advantage for BrightSpring.

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