Wayne’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / August 30, 2022

“I think ResCare has done my brother a world of good,” shared Tracey Anderson, sister of ResCare Community Living client Wayne Wines. “When Mom and Dad were alive, he ate whatever he wanted, and his sugar would be 400.”

After Wayne and Tracey’s parents passed away, Tracey became her brother’s guardian.

“Since he came to ResCare, …his overall health has improved a lot,” said Tracey. “ResCare makes sure that Wayne goes to all of his doctors’ appointments.”

Tracey credits ResCare not only with improved health, but also with increased independence and social interaction. “Wayne never had a job [before moving to a group home], but now he has a job that he likes,” said Tracey.

“They do things in the community,” she shared. “They go out to eat. He has gone to Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games. They have taken him on vacation, fishing, and lots of things.”

“I think ResCare gives Wayne everything he wants and needs so he can live his best life,” said Tracey. “He loves it there.”

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