Rebecca Santos – California Direct Service Professional of the Year

DSP Rebecca Santos believes “it’s for the individuals.” Rebecca always interacts with clients in a positive manner that promotes their confidence and personal growth. She has directly helped her clients lead more meaningful lives by having high-quality service standards and showing the individuals sincere and genuine care and acceptance.

Rebecca lights up when she’s with her clients, and they respond in-kind. Every day, when the clients arrive home from the day program, they put their arms out to hug her. She treats them as family and friends, helping them feel better about themselves and succeed. Because of Rebecca, clients interact more and are receptive to new situations and things. 

Rebecca is a team player who has developed a strong bond of trust with her co-workers. She sets the tone for the home with her positivity and strong work ethic, and she is always smiling. Her loving, caring attitude is an inspiration for the whole operation.