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Equus services provide a set of solutions focused on the development, design and delivery of demand-driven workforce solutions.

Equus works with funders and community partners to implement effective solutions in rural, urban, and suburban areas. Our portfolio of services focuses on increasing opportunities for individuals and families. Management of Career Centers, Job Corps Centers, clinical services, business services operations, and family support functions form a network to assist job seekers, people requiring medical support to work and employers. We design and implement workforce networks that are locally responsive, community-based, outcomes-focused, and client-centered — resulting in simplified and effective ways to find sustainable employment for individuals based on their needs and the needs of businesses to stay competitive and grow.

We Work So That America Can Too

Workforce Solutions manages career centers, Job Corps Centers, business services operations, and family support functions, all of which combine to assist nearly 1 million job seekers and thousands of employers annually in more than 400 locations throughout the nation.

We are drivers and collaborators for workforce system changes in legislation, job seeker demographics, markets and industries. We have  partnerships with state and local government entities with limited resources and assist with strategies, redesigns, and innovative concepts to address changing demographics and changing workplace demands.