Shane Whitaker – North Carolina Direct Support Professional of the Year

Shane Whitaker is a respectful direct support professional from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, and he loves to see clients achieve goals or reach milestones in their life.

Shane will even work with individuals to make sure their goals are achievable and how to reach them in the long-run. For example, if an individual has a goal to research job opportunities, he will take them through steps such as first getting on a computer, how to search for specific jobs, applying for them, etc.

Another example is providing support when out in the community. He provides guidance when the individuals are fulfilling their community networking goals. If there are questions, he will break the answers down into terms that are better understood by the individuals served. He takes the goals and tries to make them unique to the specific individual, as they may interpret their goals differently.

Everyone has different personal needs that can be embarrassing at times. Shane assists with these needs, lightheartedly, to make the person feel better about it. Shane is great at encompassing the small, often overlooked, details that help people live their best life!