Jennifer Adamczyk

Providing Thought Leadership / August 30, 2018

Activities Director Jennifer Adamczyk goes above and beyond when it comes to helping people live their best life. Jennifer’s role consists of organizing activities, fundraisers and community outings for Hylond Home individuals in Garden Grove, California.

With the help of Hylond Home staff and individuals, Jennifer held monthly yard sales this summer. The money raised at the yard sales helped fund large group events and parties for the individuals.

The yard sales were such a success that Jennifer arranged multiple group outings. Some of those outings included three different trips to Los Angeles Angels major league baseball games!

“I have great support from all our staff, so I’m looking forward to even more successful fundraising ideas and group outings!” Jennifer said.

The individuals and staff had a great time and created memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for your dedicated, compassionate work, Jennifer!

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