Abode Care Partners – Audrey Avitabile

The Way We Lead / July 11, 2024

Abode Care Partners Nurse Practitioner Audrey Avitabile has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Indianapolis, IN.

Audrey was recently recognized for her exceptional performance in providing high-quality care to her resident patients at the Rose Walk community for seniors in Indianapolis. Several members of her organization have commended Audrey and the value she has brought to her work with each patient.

Chief Medical Officer Arif Nazir says, “With her engagement, the facility has shown continuous improvement with a significant decrease in hospitalization rates.” Audrey has been a vital contributor to the day-to-day care provided. She and the rest of the Indianapolis team have made strides through understanding the current needs of the operation and catering to the workflows and practices so those areas could receive the most individualized attention.

Audrey, your Leadership capabilities have had positive impacts on the care of individual patients as well as your overall workplace environment. Thank you for your continued focus on quality and dedication toward helping others live their best lives.


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