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The Way We Lead / June 6, 2024

All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregiver Stevie Knapp has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Idaho Falls, ID.

Stevie values the independence of her individuals while assisting them in maintaining routines. She encourages her clients to participate in all aspects of home life and follows up with them after any appointments with doctors or therapists. By actively listening and keeping herself up-to-date, Stevie can more effectively personalize the care she provides.

Assisting her current client with medical needs is a priority for Stevie. She visits the individual in the hospital to be by her side as a companion while keeping herself informed. She ensures her client understands what occurs at each appointment and uses that information to better manage safety and health within the home.

Branch Manager Miranda Hillman says, “The relationship that Stevie has with her client is incredible. She genuinely cares about her client and goes above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of. This is not just a job to Stevie. She cares, and it shows in her quality of work and the relationships she builds with everyone.”

Stevie, you Get Going and know your business, using the strong relationship you have with your client to collaborate on personalized and high-quality care. You recognize the importance of your client’s independence while assisting them when needed for comfort and safety. Thank you for your work helping others live their best lives.


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