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The Way We Lead / March 9, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Direct Support Professional Kala Sharp has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Valdosta, GA.

Kala has developed a strong connection with the individual she supports, finding ways for them to express themselves and become more independent. She introduced the individual to a wider variety of new foods, allowing them to enjoy a more nutritious diet. Additionally, Kala recognized the creativity within this individual and took initiative to gather different kinds of art supplies. This individual now makes a variety of crafts regularly, including jewelry.

Kala sets a tremendous example for her fellow DSPs. Branch Manager Christina Hayes says, “She is the poster child of how we want our DSPs to interact and provide quality care for the individuals, including her excellent daily documentation and attentiveness to detail.” Kala also makes it a habit to stop by weekly and prioritize any clients that have gone more than a couple days without a visit. She works hard to improve the quality of life for those around her.

Thank you, Kala, for setting an example and being You. Your dedication and character are critical to helping those you support live their best life.


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