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The Way We Lead / June 6, 2022

Equus Workforce Solutions Data Visualization Developer Nick Romano is Working Smart and Doing Good. Nick won the BrightSpring 2022 Enterprise Rising Star award.

Two years ago, Nick had just graduated with a degree in Information Security and Networking, had completed three internships while in school, and was looking for his first full-time position. He interviewed with the Equus Service Delivery team during a time when they were struggling for a few months to launch the Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard. Nick accepted his position supporting Performance Optimization and Got Going!, taking charge of the dashboard project and seeing it through to completion.

“Today, about anything you want to know about Equus’ business, is visible 24/7 on the BI Dashboard,” said Vice President of Service Delivery Debra Giordano. “Every time we have asked for an enhancement, revisualization or to take on another dashboard, Nick says ‘yes’ and tells us exactly when he will complete it.”

Great work, Nick. You know your business and have provided workforce leadership with real-time visualization of key metrics impacting their operations. Congratulations on earning this award.


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