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The Way We Lead / May 26, 2022

Job Corps Service Delivery Student Information Director Melanie Walker is retiring on May 31, 2022, after 41 years of Working Smart and Doing Good with workforce solutions.

Melanie joined Job Corps in 1981 as a records specialist and has been making an impact in every role she’s held throughout her tenure.

“You’ve never lost sight of the ‘why’ of the work. Thanks for all you’ve done over these many years. You’ve been an amazing colleague and a dedicated servant to the Job Corps program and its mission,” said Deb Giordano, Vice President, Service Delivery.

“Her Job Corps knowledge and experience are impressive, and it will be a challenge to fill the void created on the team when she leaves. But more importantly, her supportive, kind, and caring personality will be missed,” said Tammy Geisbert, Career and Technical Training Director.

Thank you, Melanie, for leaving your LEGACY with us for the past 41 years. You! are an example for us all. Enjoy your retirement!


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