EduCare Community Living – Katherine Secades

The Way We Lead / April 12, 2022

EduCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Katherine “Kat” Secades is Working Smart and Doing Good in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kat works in a home for individuals who are all non-verbal and require varying levels of care assistance and support. One house member, Shawn*, struggles with challenging behaviors. Using a people-focused approach, Kat spent time with Shawn and their bond grew. Over time, she taught him to express his wants and needs by holding her hand and directing her to where he wanted to go. Through their work, he learned to communicate when he was hungry, thirsty, or wanted to go outside. She was also able to help him express when he needed assistance being changed, granting him a means to avoid discomfort.

“Katherine is a beacon of joy. She is reliable, dependable, and she serves our individuals with genuine compassion, skill, respect, and care,” said Human Resource Specialist Joanna Mickelson. “She embodies our mission while always striving to provide excellent service that will enhance the lives of our individuals.”

Thank you, Kat, for knowing your business and providing quality, people-focused care.
You are making a difference in the lives of those you support. Thank you for leaving your LEGACY.


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