Abode Healthcare – Kevin McDaniel

The Way We Lead / February 14, 2022

Abode Healthcare Senior Vice President of Operations Kevin McDaniel is Working Smart and Doing Good in Springville, Alabama.

Kevin was recognized recently by members of the Abode team for his efforts in establishing a people- focused Environment at his operation. Business Development Director Hayley Lamberth shared, “The heartbeat of an organization is its culture. It’s slow to change, hard to build, and easy to destroy. Abode Alabama’s heartbeat pumps strong and steadybecause of the foundation that Kevin has built.”

When Kevin’s role expanded and he began working with Abode locations beyond Alabama, his team was confident they could continue to run the operation efficiently because of Kevin’s emphasis on developing his team’s talent. “[Kevin] has a unique ability to look at a person, identify their strengths, and magnify them,” said Director of Clinical Services Julie Doss. He provides new opportunities for his team members to use their talents “in a
way that the person may not have even been knowledgeable of themselves.”

Great work, Kevin! Your commitment to creating a coaching culture encourages
everyone on your team to develop and leave a LEGACY of their own.
Thank you for making a difference.


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