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The Way We Lead / March 2, 2023

Onco360 Pharmacy Director Kim Beranek has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Woodridge, IL.

Kim Beranek has worked with Onco360 for over four years and is BrightSpring’s 2023 Pharmacist of the Year winner. She consistently works to continue her training and has obtained eight pharmacist licenses, which enabled the Chicago pharmacy to expand its dispensing reach.

Kim has attained Certified Specialty Pharmacist designation in addition to becoming a Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacist. Beyond her work at Onco360, Kim works with Amerita in Chicago, serving as their Pharmacist in Charge and interim director since November 2022 and assisting their continued operations.

Kim oversaw tremendous growth in 2022. Onco360 Chief Pharmacy Officer Chris Urban says, “Kim bolstered employee engagement by onboarding over a dozen new employees in 2022, implementing our mission, vision, and values into her leadership style.” Additionally, she led her team through numerous record dispensing days and a 200% overall growth in prescription volume. Kim’s dedication and guidance throughout this growth allowed for her team’s continued success.

Congratulations, Kim! Your ability to Get Going and know your business has allowed you to help more people live their best life. Thank you!


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