Pate Rehabilitation – Erin Navarrete

The Way We Lead / May 15, 2023

In observance of Brain Injury Awareness Week, today we recognize Pate Rehabilitation Residential Manager Erin Navarrete, who has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Ft. Worth, TX.

Erin is the Residential Manager at the Savanna Oaks Ranch location and strives to create a home-like environment for the residential patients. She uses a personal touch, selecting décor with comfort in mind and including a welcome sign in each patient’s room. Erin is encouraging of family involvement, seeking input in planning activities and helping patients celebrate their own birthdays as well as their children’s.

Erin is creative in keeping patients engaged. She is especially devoted to helping patients enjoy themselves during the holiday season when it is more difficult for them to be away from home. She maintains cultural sensitivity and respect during these celebrations, ensuring everyone is able to be included in the festivities.

A leader among Residential Managers, Erin volunteers to set up training initiatives, takes part in various committees, and is working to establish a mentorship program for rehabilitation technicians. She encourages training and advancement in her peers, consistently empowering those around her and making sure there voices can be heard through her “open door” policy.

Erin, your dedication to both the LEGACY values and Pate core values is evident. Your clear and direct Communication supports an inclusive and open environment where everyone can live their best lives. Thank you!


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