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The Way We Lead / May 2, 2024

PharMerica Director of Implementations Faith Bradshaw has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Hockley, TX.

Faith won the Rising Star award for the long-term care division in this year’s Pharmacy awards. Beginning her PharMerica career in 2023, Faith focused her first year on team-based initiatives to drive efficiency and increase communication and accuracy within each implementation project. She developed standard project templates and ensured tasks were conducted in a consistent manner to meet expectations.

In 2023, Faith successfully managed more than 800 projects, with 85% of her team members reporting an increase in team experience and trustworthiness. Vice President of Implementation Amy Mayes says, “Faith has engaged with weekly team-building meetings and focuses on culture through connection. Her leadership has fostered structure that has allowed for higher work-life balance and position satisfaction across all regions and teams.”

Faith embraces new challenges and engages every available forum to better understand possible solutions. She has already made significant impacts to process, efficiency, communication, engagement, follow-up, follow-through, and productivity. Her team recognizes her as a capable leader, and she has developed strong connections with long-tenured and new team members alike.

Congratulations, Faith! Your ability to Get Going shows that you know your business and can use that knowledge effectively to support your team members. Thank you for taking initiative and helping people live their best lives.


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