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The Way We Lead / June 11, 2024

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) Residential Rehab Specialist Jason Russell has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Holden, ME.

Jason holds a quarterly “Resident Council” meeting for the clients in his homes. Through one of these conversations, he learned that many members of the Maine Residential Program wanted to go on a five-day camping trip. Jason jumped into action, collaborating with staff and clients from all homes to make safe and cost-effective plans.

In the process of planning this trip, Jason helped teach the clients budgeting by saving their own money, planning by making lists of what they would need to pack, medication administration, and sleeping arrangements. They located a campground that could accommodate the group and work with them to meet all ADA needs. The trip was a huge success, and Jason made a point to be there every day. He said the smiles and obvious fun had by everyone made the trip worth it.

Beyond working closely with clients, Jason also acts as a liaison to incoming staff. He assists with training new hires while also lending a hand to veteran staff as needed. Jason is a leader and member of several committees, always coming to meetings prepared and distributing the minutes to all members. He is counted on by his coworkers, who will reach out to Jason first if they need any advice or reassurance.

Thank you, Jason, for the capable Leadership you demonstrate within your operation. You actively listen to both clients and coworkers, taking in feedback and leading by example in your responses. Your selfless nature and commitment to care help those you support to live their best lives.


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