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The Way We Lead / June 20, 2024

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Anika Boyd has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Terre Haute, IN.

Last year, one of Anika’s clients had a long-term pet cat who passed away. Anika was not scheduled, but after hearing of the cat’s passing, came in to comfort the client and assist with a burial, buying flowers and taking care of other details to help her feel at ease and emotionally process the loss. Anika went out of her way to care for her client in this time of need. She later found an adoption clinic with older cats that would be perfect for her client. Anika took the individual with her and helped her find another companion for the home.

Anika is supportive of this client in other ways, helping her plan date nights with her boyfriend every other week. Activities include community outings, steak dinners, or seeing a movie. A bigger dream the client has is to visit the beach. Anika enjoys helping her plan events and future trips, and a vacation to Florida is now on their list.

Anika, thank You for being an example. You demonstrate a deep understanding of your individual’s needs and keep those in mind while helping her reach her goals. Through your efforts to go above and beyond in providing care, you are better able to support this client in living her best life.


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