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The Way We Lead / February 20, 2023

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Miracle Davis has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Martinsburg, VA.

Miracle began her journey as a Direct Support Professional 14 years ago, and currently serves as both the lead of her location and an Approved Medication Assistance Personnel (AMAP). She has fully devoted her life to helping others, both the individual she serves as well as her fellow DSPs.

Miracle’s compassion for and dedication to the individual she supports have resulted in a strong relationship that has allowed him to remain stable for many years. Program Manager Karen Davidson says, “Through trial and error, Miracle found a way to use his fascination with maps to bond with him and set up a craft room in his home for him to focus on when he became agitated.”

She also works with the individual outside of the home to provide community interaction. She takes him to church, parks, and to go bowling, and sets up get-togethers with other people. She uses photos of them at these outings to decorate the individual’s home to remind him of the fun activities he does regularly.

Miracle, thank you for your work in building a people-focused Environment. You demonstrate a deep understanding of the people around you, which helps everyone live their best life.


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