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The Way We Lead / May 23, 2024

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Lead Susan Cooper has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Paoli, IN.

Susan has built a career with ResCare over the past 10 years and takes pride in creating an environment in which her clients can thrive. She understands that taking a cookie-cutter approach to care does not allow every individual to flourish and works diligently to help her clients grow and reach their goals.

Last year, one of Susan’s clients passed away, and the other individuals in the home struggled to cope with the grief after losing their longtime roommate. Susan sought out avenues to help them process their emotions, including facilitating meaningful experiences to honor the individual’s memory.

Susan is committed to supporting each client as they participate in activities within the community. She ensures each person is able to attend their preferred religious services and coordinates the details for other events. Working with management, clinical support, the quality department, and guardians, Susan is able to collaborate effectively so that her clients’ needs are met both within the home and outside of it.

Thank you, Susan! Your positive Attitude and drive to help others are paramount to providing high-quality care for those you support. Your personalized engagement with each client enables you to form strong relationships, helping everyone to live their best lives.


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