Daytona Irvin – Louisiana Direct Professional of the Year

Area Supervisor Daytona Irvin from Lafayette, Louisiana, has built strong relationships with the individuals she cares for and her staff. Her commitment to them is unwavering and they all look to her for guidance. Daytona is available to help them night and day.

When an individual was being moved out of state to be closer to family, Daytona volunteered to drive her when no one else at the new organization was available. She had to drive 6 hours round trip and, during the drive, the client experienced some behavior challenges. Daytona worked to calm her down, letting her know that everything would be okay.

Daytona leads her team by example. When an issue is brought to her attention, her primary focus is on the client and their safety is her priority. She is often sought out by clients because of her caring nature and genuine interaction. One individual always asks for Daytona to accompany her for her shopping trips. When asked why she requests Daytona specifically, the individual responded because she is always nice to her and asks how she’s feeling.