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Welcome to BrightSpring® Health Services, a leading provider of comprehensive home and community-based health services to complex populations in need of specialized care. We have a unique mission in the health care field – making a difference in the lives of people and communities. Our passion is helping people with complex care needs to live their best life.



John learned to adapt to the community and reduce his own aggressive tendencies. He is a true success story and an example of how our team came together to help John start living his best life. “Every time I see him, it simply brings me joy,” ResCare Community Living, Regional Director, Nancy Anker-Wright.


“This pandemic necessarily presented opportunities for innovation in order to keep our patients, clients, and each other safe and healthy. We saw a clear obligation to identify innovative ways to track the spread; provide education, tools, and materials for our teams; and monitor their compliance in real-time.”


"I do feel like I have an opportunity to become an executive director with ResCare Community Living. It's a stepping stone. They've welcomed me with open arms and I've always welcomed my employees with open arms because this is a second family and we work hard at what we do."

Helping people live their best lifeTM

Specialized Services For Complex Populations.


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