Neuro Rehabilitation

Rehab Without Walls is a revolutionary neuro rehabilitation program that moves individuals outside the walls of institutional settings and into their natural environment. It is designed to help people who have experienced a brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke/CVA through accident or illness. By removing the walls to provide care in the home, school, community or workplace, it promotes greater health and independence throughout the recovery process.

Rehab Without Walls features a skilled interdisciplinary team with clinical experts in a variety of areas who focus on real-life activities in patients’ own environments to achieve each individual’s functional goals.

Creative approach – proven results.

Getting started. If someone is a candidate for Rehab Without Walls, an assessment and patient interview are conducted by one of our team members. We interview the individual, family members and clinicians to gather as much information as possible. When a candidate enters our care, we work with physicians to create a customized treatment plan. We assign a clinical coordinator to explain the plan in detail and keep the family informed throughout the process.

Qualified team members may include:

No one knows rehab better.  Rehab Without Walls has been bringing rehabilitation to real-life settings for over 20 years. Our skilled clinicians are dedicated to healing, educating and empowering patients to take charge of their own care, so that they can achieve the highest possible level of health and independence. Independence results not only in higher quality of life but also reduces financial expenditures.