BrightSpring is a leading home- and community-based healthcare services company focused on delivering complimentary Provider and Pharmacy services to complex patients. We continue to grow in reach and size, yet manage to retain the agility and pace to deliver services in homes and facilities across the nation, making a bigger impact. We are always focused on quality, people, and growth in individuals served to maximize impact. We have quality products and services as demonstrated by the leading measures, and we try to deliver those services to the millions of people who need proximal and high-touch expert care, giving them the best opportunity to be safe and healthy in home and community environments.

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Bringing Value to All Stakeholders.

KKR’s Investment Helps Us Improve Outcomes for Patients.

Global investment firm KKR acquired BrightSpring Health Services (“BrightSpring”) in March of 2019.  As part of this transaction, BrightSpring merged with PharMerica Corporation (“PharMerica”) to become a leading provider of home and community-based health and pharmacy services for high-need and medically complex populations.

KKR’s investment has helped make possible our continued investment in our employees and technology during a time of great strain on the health care system. Their support helped us invest over $60 million in our Community Living staff throughout the pandemic – increasing wages by approximately 23.9% from January 2019 to February 2022.

Ensuring quality care for patients

We continuously evaluate the care we deliver and have assessment and feedback processes in place to ensure our operations fully support the health, safety and well-being of the people we serve. Since completing our acquisition by KKR in March 2019, BrightSpring has added scale, expertise and financial and operational resources that, in turn, have helped us strengthen our treatment programs, enhancing care for our patients and improving outcomes.


New and improved technology to support patient care

With KKR’s financial support, we have rolled out TaskMaster Pro electronic health record and QuickMAR medication administration software improvements, across more than 700 and 1,300 homes respectively for people with disabilities.

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KKR is a leading global investment firm that offers alternative asset management as well as capital markets and insurance solutions.

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Having rehab in my home is a huge blessing. Being able to go out on a beautiful day and feel the sunshine, while getting therapy is something I couldn't do in the hospital. With continous therapy I'm getting stronger and I feel that with more therapy, I'll be able to get back to normal.