BrightSpring is a leading home- and community-based healthcare services company, focused on deliverying complimentary Provider and Pharmacy services to complex patients. We continue to grow in reach and size, yet manage to retain the agility and pace to deliver services in homes and facilities across the nation, making a bigger impact. We are always focused on quality, people, and growth in individuals served to maximize impact. We have quality products and services as demonstrated by the leading measures, and we try to deliver those services to the millions of people who need proximal and high-touch expert care, giving them the best opportunity to be safe and healthy in home and community environments.

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Quality First.

We strive to ensure that every person we serve receives the right care at the right time in the safest environment possible. In our Quality Report we detail the continuous quality and safety efforts and improvements to demonstrate how our Quality First framework is instrumental in our success.









2020 BrightSpring Quality Report

BrightSpring’s mission is to make a difference in people’s lives and communities.

At BrightSpring, we serve the most complex populations, markets defined by increasing needs, higher demand and consistent growth:

Bringing Value to All Stakeholders.


Every day when Joan comes back from rehab, she’s physically stronger. She’s gotten strong enough that she’s been able to get out of the wheelchair. It’s remarkable. It’s a direct result of what they do and it borders on miraculous for us.


Having rehab in my home is a huge blessing. Being able to go out on a beautiful day and feel the sunshine, while getting therapy is something I couldn't do in the hospital. With continous therapy I'm getting stronger and I feel that with more therapy, I'll be able to get back to normal.