As an established health care leader, our BrightSpring® culture is LEGACY focused. Each employee is called upon to study and practice our LEGACY Core Behaviors. This way, we drive LEGACY behaviors and culture throughout the organization.



We begin with Leadership. At BrightSpring, everyone has opportunities for leadership, regardless of title or position. As a leader, you should first establish the purpose of every activity you are involved in, so you can coach others effectively. As a leader, you must have high integrity and accountability – be sure to do what you say you are going to do. You will also need to balance your pride of accomplishment with real humility, which will help others to follow your lead.

Environment. It’s another essential ingredient for success. We want to maintain a people-focused environment, where all can collaborate on a trusted team. As a leader you will need to police your environment so that trust can flourish. Always be transparent and reward good performance. Focus on people – to attract, develop and retain the best.

Get Going is another key. Everyone on the team needs to know their business. We must think, plan and take action to set and hit goals. We must work smart and efficiently, moving forward with purpose and the urgency to get it done.

Attitude is everything. Always take a positive, can-do approach, as that is contagious, and will cause our culture to spread rapidly.  Always take control and take ownership of results. Expect excellence from yourself first and secondly from everyone around you.

Communication is vital. Practice clear communication and coordinate effectively – so the team knows what is going on. Stay focused and stay organized to make meetings productive.

You are an example. Be authentic. Be yourself. Your character shows in everything you do. Yet always be learning, adapting and looking for better ways of doing things – and by so doing you, your team and our company will continuously improve.

Finally, do your part. Build the team. And have fun. At BrightSpring, success follows culture.

The Way We Lead

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