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The Way We Lead / April 11, 2024

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Lead Peggy West has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Blaine, OH.

Peggy won the 2024 ANCOR DSP of the Year Award for Ohio. She has devoted more than 42 years to supporting individuals with disabilities, advocating for her clients and ensuring they have everything required to meet their goals.

Peggy strives to make the clients feel secure both at home and in relationships. One group of individuals she worked with had severe intellectual disabilities and could not speak. Peggy was able to help them create bonds with each other and, through coaching and games, develop a communication system. She did not let the individuals’ inability to speak stop them from finding new ways to interact with each other. The clients developed a bond by playing cards, and with Peggy’s physical and verbal assistance, they could be found giggling and smiling.

Several of Peggy’s individuals have little family nearby, and she has become like family to them. She works towards building and maintaining her connection with each individual so they know they can trust and count on her. Peggy encourages clients to set goals, think, and go bigger. When she comes in for a shift, she will take time to greet each person and spend quality one-on-one time with them to see how they are doing. Peggy enjoys hearing them laugh and encourages clients to share stories about their favorite memories.

Congratulations, Peggy! The care and support you provide clients and coworkers shows that you Get Going and know your business. You recognize the potential in others and know what they need to reach their goals, helping those around you live their best lives.


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